Frequently Asked Questions


What is 316 stainless steel?

316 stainless steel is surgical grade stainless steel. The purest form of stainless steel. It is hypoallergenic and will not corrode or rust.


What is sterling silver?

Sterling silver jewelry is composed of 92.5% (925 parts per thousand) silver and 7.5% copper alloy.  The copper increases the silvers hardness.  Produced in mines (mainly Peru and Mexico) sterling silver has become a popular affordable alternative to white gold or platinum.  It can be polished into a higher sheen than any other white metals.


How do I care for my sterling silver jewelry? 

To prevent jewelry from damage, store your sterling silver jewelry in a cool, dry place individually in pouches or plastic bags to keep them from environmental harm.  Do not rub jewelry with coarse fabric, it may scratch the jewelry surface.  Do not expose to direct sunlight for long periods of time, it may fade the color of the stone.  Try to avoid direct contact with perfumes and lotions because it may leave residue on the jewelry.

To clean, wipe your jewelry with a damp cloth of warm water-detergent solution, then rinse well with clean water and air dry.  Last, polish with a lint-free soft cloth.  If your jewelry becomes tarnished, use a polish solution or a polishing cloth to the clean the piece.


What is a Cubic Zirconia (CZ) Stone?

Cubic Zirconia is the finest substitute for diamonds.  It can come in various colors and with the proper cleaning, it will retain its beauty for years.  It is a synthetic gemstone that is chemically comprised of from a cubic form of zirconium oxide and yttrium oxide.  Cubic Zirconia is cut in the same way diamond are cut.  Depending on the styles, our CZ’s are both machine-cut and hand-cut.  CZs are so solid that it outweighs a diamond of the same millimeter diameter by 1.7 times more.      


What is Rhodium?

  • Rhodium is commonly referred to as the most expensive metal on earth. 
  • Rhodium is a very precious and very rare metal that costs 10 times as much as gold or even more.
  • Rhodium is the finish of choice for top end fine jewelry.
  • Most white gold and platinum pieces are finished with rhodium.
  • Rhodium finished sterling silver jewelry is not "junk Jewelry", silver is a precious metal and rhodium is even more precious; thus, there are no junk metals involved in sterling silver pieces that are rhodium finished.

Why do they finish jewelry with Rhodium?

  • While white gold, platinum and silver are beautiful by itself, over time, the finish can easily scratch and dull. Rhodium is extremely hard (a 6.0 on the Mohs hardness scale). A rhodium finish will give your jewelry an extra layer of protection. 
  • Rhodium is highly reflective and it has a deep gorgeous luster which give it that stunning finish.
  • Most sterling pieces that have a rhodium finish look just like white gold.
  • Rhodium is highly corrosion-resistant and does not tarnish.
  • Rhodium finished jewelry usually lasts years before wearing off, some pieces will last decades.

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